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Why should we buy from you?

We have the highest quality novelty IDs at very reasonable prices. We have the best customer support in the industry. We have been around for a long time and I am KingForge. We have seen so many people order from a newer vendor and think they were getting a better deal only to end up getting scammed. We ship IDs out every week so you will receive your order quickly.

How do I know you're legit?

Here I have around 50 reviews, I will let my reputation and quality that I have provided my customers talk for this. North Carolina Reviews:

What state IDs do you sell?

Currently only Florida O21, North Carolina O21/U21, and Illinois O21

I don't live in any of those states. Should I still buy an ID?

Using an out of state ID is fine. Most college towns are used to seeing people from all over the world, so an ID from another state is not unusual at all.

Will you price match other venders?

No. Although you may find other venders who offer lower priced ID's, when buying ours you know that you are receiving a high quality piece of work that you can confidently use knowing that you have the best possible fake ID.

How good are your IDs? Will they pass in-state?

Most of the time, yes. All of our IDs look nearly identical to the real versions and have all of the security features. We focus on quality so you can be assured that our IDs are the best you can buy There is nothing “sketchy” about using an out of state ID. People attend colleges from different states all the time.

Will my ID pass a cop's inspection

Yes, they will pass all visual inspections that a cop may do. If they call in your drivers license number and check it among the police database, obviously it will not work because we didn’t hack the police database to do so.

Do they scan?

Yes! We program all of our IDs to scan exactly like the real ones (magnetic stripe and 2D barcode).

Do they pass the dreaded BARZAPP

YES! As of 1/12/2015 We have worked very hard making sure that our ID's can pass barzapp and lottery scanners.

I got one of your older ID's that don't pass Barzapp. Can you send me a free one that passes?

No, sorry I will not be sending free ones that pass barzapp as I never advertised to pass barzapp previously. However they pass all of the other appropriate scanners. So, I'm sure as many of you know it will not be an issue.

Do they pass the blacklight test?

Yes! All of our IDs have high quality UV ink.

Do they have holograms?

Yes! All of our IDs have high quality custom made holograms identical to the real IDs. We don't use the mass-produced generic holograms that other vendors use.

Do they have microprint?

Yes, it is faux microprint however you can pull out a 30x jewelers loupe to look at the high quality microprint on our ID's.

Do they pass the bend test?

Yes! All of our IDs bend just like the real IDs and pass non extreme “bend tests”. With that being said that does not mean go bend the hell out of your ID as if you do it enough it will crease the hologram eventually.

Do your Florida IDs pass the flash light test?

Yes. We use a special material for our FL IDs. Other vendors use generic PVC to save time. This causes the ID to be too thick and react incorrectly to light. All of our IDs are made to look, feel, and react exactly like the real ones.

What is the clear back overlay on your Florida IDs?

Florida has a clear overlay that goes on a section on the back of the ID. Order the clear back overlay if you plan on using the ID in-state! If you are using your ID out of state you most likely won't need this because people in your state don’t know exactly what the back of the ID looks like.

Do I have to have a blue background? What can I do if I want a blue background?

You do NOT have to have a blue background. We have a professional photoshop team which process picture editing and we WILL change the background color to the correct color.

Is it safe to ship my ID to a dorm?

Absolutely, we ship from within the United States and it would be no different than receiving a letter from your parents.

Do these IDs have any disclaimers on them?

No! These IDs look and feel exactly like real ones.

Are you sure it’s supposed to look/feel like this?

Yes! We have spent hundreds of hours perfecting every state we offer. We know exactly how the IDs are supposed to look and feel.

Something is wrong with my ID. Can I get a replacement?

We stand behind our product 100%. In the rare chance that we make a mistake on your ID we will send you a new one. However, if you type in your information incorrectly it is your own fault and we will not replace your ID. Our system is automated and we do not check the info you enter. Double check your information before submitting your order! If you take a bad photo we will not replace your ID. So make sure your photo is perfect.

What if my ID gets taken?

The chances of your ID being taken are very slim. Our IDs are very close to the real thing. There is always a chance that some bouncer will be 100% convinced that the ID is fake even if it has every single security feature. Maybe your photo was bad, maybe you look young, or maybe you just got unlucky. You can't win them all. We recommend buying a backup ID for $50 just in case something like this happens.

Should I use my real info when I order?

Yes, it is best to use your own info in case you are asked for a second form you can use your debit card or something else with your name. We will put anything you want on your id though so its your call.

Is my information kept private?

Yes, your info is safe with us. We use private offshore web hosting so that NOBODY can access your information except for us. All of your information is permanently deleted after you receive your ID. We have to keep it temporarily just in case there is a problem with your order. If you are worried about the security of your connection you can access our site securely using https.

Can I change my order info after submitting it?

No. Double check your information before submitting it. If you submit your order but have not paid yet then you can submit a new order if you want to change anything.

Can we get different states for a group order?

Yes, but our IDs all ship from different locations so we prefer if you get the same state. It saves us shipping costs and for the sake of security sending out less shipments is better.

Can we pay after you make our ID?

No. Too many people have submitted false payment info in the past. We must confirm payment before beginning production on your IDs.

Can we get a photo of our finished IDs?

We do not send photos of finished IDs. You will see your IDs when they arrive.

Do I have to worry about Customs

No, we ship from inside the US. USPS requires a federal warrant to open your packages, you have nothing to worry about.

How are the ID's shipped?

Priority shipping (1-3 days guaranteed by USPS after shipped) Normal shipping (3-10 days (very unreliable and have no way of tracking it if it gets lost)

My Picture on my ID is bad can I get a free one?

The answer is NO. Double and triple check your picture before you submit. Dont send me senior pictures, Selfies, shitty pictures because I dont have time to contact you for a new one. What you send is what you get. Don't have shadows on your face, or behind your head, no red eye either. Take the time to have a someone take a good photo for you. Also, if your hair or skin matches the color of the wall DO NOT USE THE WALL. It will be impossible to edit properly. Don't send passport photo scans and do not used a textured background. The background needs to be as smooth as a babies ass.

I changed my mind I want a refund, can I get one?

The answer is no. Once you submit it is final. Rest assured you will receive your ID. However my bitcoins are cashed out periodically throughout the day and I can't be bothered issuing refunds because people are hesitant or worried they are going to get scammed.

Can I use a custom signature?

Yes if you pay for a custom signature you will have access to a signature pad that you can use to sign with your mouse. No more signing and uploading signature pictures.

Shipping during Promos

During promos shipping times will be longer due to the fact that I wait til the promo is finished to do all the IDs at once. So please do not message me asking. If that state was not in the promo then it is priority and will be done before promo orders.

What if I dont have a middle name?

If you do not have or want a middle name on your ID then leave the space blank! Do not entire "none' or 'not available' otherwise that will be printed on your ID.

Will you pixelate my photo for me please?

Yes, we do all the proper editing on your photo to make it match the quality of the DMV camera of that respective state.

How do I know my order went through?

If you were able to submit an order form and it says pending or inprogress that means your order went through successfully. Please do not submit a ticket asking about this as I will not respond.

Do you Ship outside of the Unite States?

We currently do not ship outside of the 50 United States.

My Birthday on my ID is different from what I put on the order form?

If you put a birthday 04-10-1994 or later the system will automatically change it to a randomized birthday. This is due to the new release of North Carolinas new Driver license. Don't worry thought the current Drivers licenses are still valid for another 8 years.

Can I ship a group order to multiple addresses?

No, you cannot the system will use the last address supplied in the order as the shipping address. Meaning if you place a group order and use multiple addresses it will be sent to the last one.

What Payment methods do you accept?

As of 2-10-2016 we accepted Bitcoin, Western Union, and Moneygram.


If you paid for a custom signature and you received the ID without the custom signature that means YOU did not press save on the signature pad after drawing it. Reprints will NOT be made for mistakes like this and refunds will not be given.

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